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July 2021   

Power Up!

Led by Artistic Director Nilgun Guven with video artist Kate Geck, Power Up! showcases the performances, artworks and voices of Fog Theatre Ensemble, an incredible group of emerging and established theatre and dance artists including: Clem Baade, William Bailey, Michael Buxton, India Boyd, Ian Caplan, Tim D’Rozario, John Eslick, Lincoln Holt, Jordan Low, Mattie Michael, Mark Polonsky, Danny Quinlivan, Ruth Ruschinek, Melissa Slaviero, Brinley Stephens and Eleanor Vogdanos.

Produced by Vitae Veritas and the Arts Wellbeing Collective, Power Up! was made in the living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens and offices of the performers and creatives during 2020.
Power Up! combines the evocative language of the theatre with personal reflections to provide a strong sense of community for all people who work creatively. It is, above all, a resounding affirmation and acknowledgement of hope, encouragement and empowerment for everyone in the performing arts as we get back to creative work, workplaces and collaborations again.
Three distinct versions of the work have been produced: a captioned video work, an audio-described video work and an audio-only version.
Deeply immersive and engaging, Power Up! combines bold artistic elements with movement, music and voice to shift the viewer’s energy from isolation and separation towards expansion,
fun, and renewed creative connection.
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Signature- Guided Meditation

Kate Geck's past collaborations with Fog Theatre include Signature- Guided Meditation Video.

Immerse yourself in the meditatively expressive vocals and physicality of Fog Theatre in this visually evocative video work.

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