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The Vitae Veritas website has links to various websites and several websites may have links to the Vitae Veritas website. Vitae Veritas cannot be held responsible for the content, privacy or business practices of any other website or company except its own.

Translated content
The referrals to external website translations found on this page are provided for information only and are not affiliated with Vitae Veritas in any way. We are therefore unable to guarantee the accuracy, authenticity or completeness of any information translated via these websites and does not control, nor accept liability for any loss suffered due to reliance on these translation services. We encourage independent advice in relation to any information translated using the external website translations referred to from this website.

Images (photographic / graphic) and word content
Images used on the Vitae Veritas website, whether they be of people, places or events, are not necessarily the exact representation of Vitae Veritas. Vitae Veritas makes the most reasonable efforts to ensure accuracy of content, however it makes no representations or warranties as to the accuracy or reliability of all content.

Vitae Veritas retains the copyright on all text, graphic images and other content on this website.

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