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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Vitae Veritas is committed to managing your personal information in an open and transparent way, protecting the personal information we collect and meeting our privacy obligations under various laws. This page explains how we meet these obligations.

The information we collect, use and share depends on what services you are receiving or how you are engaged with us. For each of the services we provide, we set out below the kinds of information we collect and how we use and share it.

For information about the legal structure of Vitae Veritas, visit About us page.

Information Vitae Veritas collects, uses and shares

Vitae Veritas collects personal information in order to provide services.

If there is information about you that you do not want collected, please tell us. We will talk to you about any consequences of not providing this information.

Vitae Veritas usually collects the following kinds of information about clients:

name, address, phone numbers and date of birth
health information, including information provided by a referring doctor
information about care and treatment, both past and present
next of kin or preferred contact person
Medicare number, pension or Veterans’ Affairs number (if applicable).

Vitae Veritas may also collect personal information to:

manage complaints or respond to inquiries
contact a client (for example, to send a text about an upcoming appointment)
respond to requests for access to information
enable fundraising activities.
We will usually collect personal information directly from clients.

If that is not possible, we may ask the person’s family or others to provide this information.

How Vitae Veritas uses personal information

Vitae Veritas uses personal information for the purpose of providing services. We may also use personal information for related purposes such as:

improvement activities
research projects or studies
staff and student training
other planning, financial or management purposes
otherwise as permitted by law.

Personal information that Vitae Veritas shares

Vitae Veritas may disclose personal information about clients and carers to assist with their care. Examples include giving information to:

a client’s general practitioner (GP)
community health providers, such as home nursing services or maternal and child health centres
other health professionals caring for a patient or client
third parties who are involved in the provision of our services, including subcontractors.
We may also share information to help manage our services, for example by providing information to a client’s health fund.

If services are funded by the government, Vitae Veritas may be required to provide client information to the funding body or to another service provider at the request of the funding body.

We are also required by law to share certain information, for example in the case of reporting a notifiable disease to government health authorities.

General information

Storage and protection

Personal information is stored in paper or electronic records. Information may be stored on site or off site in secure locations.

Vitae Veritas protects the personal information it collects. We do this through:

confidentiality requirements on the use of information by Vitae Veritas employees and contractors
relevant workplace policies and procedures
security measures to prevent unauthorised access to our computer systems
controlling access to record storage areas.
Access and correction

You have a right to request access to your personal information held by Vitae Veritas. You can also ask us to correct that information if you believe it is inaccurate or out of date.

To access your information, please speak to a staff member.


If you have a complaint about how your personal information is managed, you can speak to a staff member.

If you would like to make a written complaint, please ask a staff member for a feedback form or address your concerns to our Privacy Officer (see ‘contact us’ on the menu above). Once we receive your complaint we follow our feedback process.

If you prefer, or if you are not satisfied with the handling or outcome of your complaint by Vitae Veritas, you may choose to lodge your complaint with the Australian Information Commissioner. Before making a complaint to an external complaint body, please visit their website or contact them for information about their complaints management process.

Australian Information Commissioner
1300 363 992
Office of the Australian Information Commissioner website

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