William B


‘Hot Potato’, 2021 and ‘Breakaway’, 2022

One-day-a-week in-person performing arts workshops in South Melbourne over 40 weeks covering:

  • physical theatre
  • comedy
  • improvisation
  • character development
  • film
  • ballet

William worked towards developing and presenting two original and co-devised physical theatre/comedy shows. During his program across two years, he also enjoyed developing his basketball skills, attending the footy and going to see Lano and Woodley perform at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

“Hot Potato was electric, off-the-charts funny and full of delightful surprises. William and Dave’s synergy is stunning! And the audience were rightfully, almost as outrageously, positively raucous!”

“Breakaway was performed to a packed house of Bailey & Maney fans and followers at Temperance Hall, South Melbourne. It was a delightful rollercoaster ride full of chaos, ceremony and celebration. Bailey and Maney’s signature slapstick shenanigans and effervescent way of involving audience is a triumph!”

Video of Breakway

Facilitating Artist/Mentor and Co-performer- David Maney 2021-2023; plus Rachel Edward and Jonathan Sinatra 2021

Header gallery of 5 images taken by various photographers.

Image description of 1:

Hot Potato star William Bailey victoriously smiling with expansive celebratory arms open and outstretched towards the audience. Alongside David Maney, equally energetic and open in his body, both are marking the end of their highly successful  and well applauded comedy show, as part of VV's mentoring programs. Photo by Rachel Edward.

Image description of 2:

William and Dave on stage at Temperance Hall mid-performance in front of red velvet curtain. Both are slightly bent in towards each other as if in kahootz but Dave has surprised expression on face while William smiles cheekily to camera having caused this mischief. Photo by David de Roach.

Image description of 3:

A poster of William's first show called Hot Potato, is in bold caps Jokerman font. Text in middle of William to left and Dave to right reads- Knock. knock. Bailey and Maney. Bailey and Maney who? Both faces have attitude, eyes wide open, lips pursed and chins jutting out, with their hands gesturing 'horns, where index and pinky are raised, while others are folded in middle. Text at base of invite reads- Knock on all doors of comedy as they go an epic adventure in search of the magical Hot Potato, includes slapstick, physical comedy, lip-synching, 'evil charlie' and more than one knock knock joke. Photo by David Maney.

Image description of 4:

William's Breakaway show poster featuring him and co-performer Dave Maney holding makeshift microphone smiling to camera. The invite has a pink background with title in colourful bold caps above them, and with show details- 7pm Friday 16 Dec, Temperance Hall, 199 Napier St South Melb and ticket prices $15 full, $10 concession. Photo by David de Roach.

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