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Sparc Theatre's Are You Lonesome Tonight? performance at the Greyhound Hotel. Image of Rodney in cowboy hat and Hawaiian shirt surrounded by a large number of audience members who applaud him energetically. Rodney has both thumbs up, happy in response. Photo by Paul Dunn.

Sparc Theatre is a community-based performing arts program for adults with disability, where participants explore and develop skills in drama, acting, singing, improvisation, script, dance, movement and choreography.

Sparc Theatre participants are also provided opportunities to perform in productions, films and live events, collaborating with other professional artists and companies in a variety of settings, contexts, public and online experiences.

The performers of Sparc say:

“At Sparc Theatre we explore ideas and have the opportunity to meet other people and to enjoy ourselves and each other.

It brings people together, to collaborate, use our imagination and is a forum for our respective perceptual styles.

It can be infectious and gives us the courage to try new things and not worry. 

Sparc is an excellent program and we look forward to it each week.”

Sparc Theatre meets one day a week on Fridays from 10.00am to 1.00pm at the wheelchair accessible Baxter Hall at Christchurch Community Centre, corner Acland and Eildon St, St. Kilda during Victorian School terms.

Sparc Theatre is managed and supported by highly qualified disability and inclusive arts practitioners who provide specialised approaches for participants to grow and develop their creativity, social connections, community participation, networking with peers and professional artists, as well as promoting their self-expression, confidence and leadership abilities, health and wellbeing.

The team is comprised of Artistic Director Geoffrey Thorsen and Disability Arts Support Workers Angelina Lodge and Marjetka McMahon-Krizanic, some of whom have been working with Sparc since its inception.

Sparc Theatre takes place in an accessible building, entrance on ground floor, with an accessible bathroom and kitchenette. We supply tea, coffee and nutritious fruit and food for morning tea.

Sparc Theatre is a fee-for-service activity that may be supported through participant's NDIS Plans (Core or Capacity-building Supports) and/or Aged Care Packages (Planned Activity Groups).

Participants who are NDIS plan approved who Self Manage or pay for Plan Management and/or Aged Care Package approved are welcome to engage in this program.

Entry to Sparc Theatre is determined by whether there is a vacancy, and interested people are always welcome to come for an initial visit, before discussing enrolment.

To find out how Sparc Theatre can match NDIS and/or Aged Care supports, please contact Nilgun to request Sparc Theatre's Quote & Information Sheet for NDIS planning purposes, or to arrange a time to visit. Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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Header image by Paul Dunn of Sparc Theatre's Are You Lonesome Tonight? production at the Greyhound Hotel 2015

Image description:  Performer Rodney in cowboy hat and Hawaiian shirt surrounded by a large number of audience members who applaud him energetically. Rodney has both thumbs up, and is proudly smiling and happy in response. 

Alumni and Acknowledgements:

Vitae Veritas acknowledges the vital support and management provided by The Port Phillip City Council for Sparc Theatre between 2004 and 2020.

Artistic Directors-

Nilgun Guven, Founding Artistic Director 2004-2013 and 2020-2022

Katie Lockett 2013-2019

Scott Gooding 2006

Myf Powell and Rachel Edward, Teapot Topics 2016-2017

Nicolette Forte, Associate Artist 2018-2019


Cathy Horsley, 2004-2019

Arts Workers-

Phillipa Armstrong

Caroline Dean-Doehnert

Tessa King, Founding Arts Worker

Michelle Lukey

Jo Sloggett

Tali Brash

Lainie Cann

Jill Eldridge


Graeme Oakley, Founding Performer

Greg Scanlon, Founding Performer

Mary Grace Levaskis

John Eslick

Danny Quinlivan

Margaret Quinn

Trudy Arnold

Kevin Lynch, Founding Performer

Terry Hall

Joy Poole

Anat Bigos

Johnny Evans

Brian Brennan

Spiros Dendrinos

Dionysia Mansi

Ionna Constantelos

Shannon Doeh-Kershaw

Geoff Gent

Rodney Liebel



Maggie McEwan

Rita Wildner

Dominic Kilmartin


Jodie ohm Zutt

Brian O’Dwyer

Adam Simmons

Hermione Merry

Pixie Mix

Rachel Edward

Myf Powell

Geoffrey Thorsen

Justine Sless

Blue Octopus- Jo Robertson, Brian O’Dwyer and Salvatore Salvo

Martin Green

Ida Dueland-Hansen

Jeff Karutz

Rosie Burgess


Esther Hayes, Costume Design

Dayna Morrisey, Set Design

Richard Vabre, Lighting Design

Suze Smith, Lighting design

Katie Lockett, set and costume design

Bronwyn Pringle, Lighting Design

Katherine Branch, Designer

Jason Ochotnicki, Props

Shane Grant, sound design

Former partners-

Arbias Inc, Founding Partner

Port Phillip Community Group

Prahran Mission

St Kilda Parish Mission


Raylene Swann, Founding member

Kevin Charlton, Founding Performer

Dorin Wielunski, Founding Performer

John Dobbins, Founding Performer

Maureen O’Grady, Performer

Raymond Westwood, Performer

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11 Lane Crescent Reservoir Victoria 3073
Telephone: 03 94623820
Fax: 03 87972293
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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