Sparc CV

2022     Sparc Rekindled, Christchurch Community Centre

2020-2021   Video Manifesto of the Pandemico, with guest artist Issie Hart

2019     The Greek Mythological Boat Show, Christchurch Community Centre

2017     The Teapot Topics Podcasts launch and performance extravaganza

2016-2017 The Teapot Topics Podcasts on Apple Podcasts

2015     Sparc at Parkes roadtrip tour to Parkes Elvis Festival

2015     Are You Lonesome Tonight? Greyhound Hotel

2014     SparCarnival Fundraiser for Sparc to Parkes, Prahran Mission, Port Phillip Community Group

2014     Sparc “Exploring Elvis” at Five Minutes of Fame

2013     Prom Night, collaboration with Rag Theatre, City of Port Phillip

2012     Collectible- the LP record project, recordings on Apple Podcasts

2011-2012 Collectible- LP record project with LP artworks, with guest artists Ida Dueland-Hansen, Brian O’Dwyer, Adam Simmons, Martin Green, Hermione Merry and Pixie Mix.

2011     Collectible performance at The Butterfly Club, South Melbourne

2011     Collectible performances at Five Minutes of Fame

2009     Hitchhiker, with Justine Sless and Blue Octopus, Theatre Works

2007     Crisis and Rhapsody, co-production with Rag Theatre as part of Melbourne Fringe Festival, Theatre Works, winner of inaugural VicHealth’s Community Cultural Development award

2006     Cup of Tea Aunty Marge as part of Melbourne Fringe Festival at Theatre Works

2004     Sparcs Fly, first major production at Theatre Works

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